Protest at Boston’s Gillette Stadium against World Cup displacement

Publicado: setembro 11, 2013 em Copa do Mundo, Notas Públicas

Protest at Boston’s Gillette Stadium against World Cup displacement

A red card for FIFA at the Brazil-Portugal soccer game
Protesters are headed to the Brazil-Portugal soccer game hosted by FIFA tonight (Sept. 10th) at Gillette Stadium in Boston to take part in a solidarity action with communities in Fortaleza, Brazil, who are facing threats of removal from their homes for FIFA-funded World Cup projects.As the World Cup 2014 approaches, there are about 4,000 families facing removal by a World Cup Light Rail project in one of Brazil’s biggest cities, Fortaleza, Brazil. The state has recently taken steps to begin construction of this Light Rail that links the wealthy hotel area of the city to the soccer stadium despite the organized resistance among the 22 communities affected demanding to remain in their homes.

Tonight’s demonstration at Gillette Stadium, which received money from FIFA in 1994, also stands in solidarity with the thousands of people who have taken to the streets throughout Brazil in recent months. Those who have faced violent police repression in their fight for a change in the priorities of those in power as billions of dollars enter the country for the World Cup and Olympics. The protests this summer upon the president’s arrival in Fortaleza show this momentum is only continuing to build.

Protesters head tonight to Gillette Stadium to say:

  • No to displacement from the World Cup in Fortaleza, Brazil
  • Housing, yes, Light Rail, No: Against the Displacement in Fortaleza, Brazil
  • Red card for the displacement of the Comunidade do Trilho in Brazil
  • Red Card for FIFA
  • FIFA World Cup 2014: Public Money, Private Profit

– From the Movement to Fight in Defense of Housing (MLDM), Fortaleza, Brazil

For more information about the displacement and the campaign organized around preventing the removals, visit, or contact <<<>>>>.

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